Digital Marketing: Google Search Engine Optimization Guidelines for Ecommerce Sites

Digital Marketing: Google Search Engine Optimization Guidelines for Ecommerce Sites

By now, we all know the importance of search engine optimization. Whether it’s an eCommerce site or something else, it’s hard to succeed in the digital world without ranking higher in Google Search results. Inevitably, SEO or search engine optimization is one of the most important parts of any digital marketing strategies.

Thankfully, Google periodically updates digital marketers about the best practices to rank higher or provide useful information about your website or businesses on Google Search. They also offer specific guidelines for different categories of websites such as eCommerce.

Digital Marketing Strategies for Search Engine Optimization

Several digital marketing strategies need to work in tandem for your websites, pages and products to rank higher on Google Search. It includes providing authentic data, writing a proper title and metadata, integrating keywords, etc. There are also ways to enhance the reliability of your website by linking your pages to other authority websites and vice versa. Forum postings, review writings and paid ADs are some of the other usual practices.

Anyhow, as the technology advances, so does the need for change or upgrade in your strategies. As Google Search can now show a plethora of information about a specific product, a digital marketing team can utilize it to rank an eCommerce site much better, while attracting customers with useful information.

Providing Product Information with Structured Data

When a person searches for a product, Google Search can now show accurate information about it to assist the shoppers right on the search pages. It includes a description of the item and extends to ratings, pricing, and stock availabilities, etc.

While the crawling bots from the search engine can automatically capture many of these data, product information is best to be provided in a structured way. APIs like JSON-LD encoded content can be a great way to provide accurate information to Google Merchant Centre, which in turn, would facilitate a better search engine optimization for an eCommerce site.